Lumiere Creme Colors: Ben Nye




Supreme blendabililty and radiant iridescence.  Enriched with lavish pigments, Lumiere Cremes excel as creme eye shadows, especially when layted with Lumiere Grande Colors.  The convenient pots are stackable to allow you to keep them individually or create your own stack.  Expect 20-80 applications.  .3oz/8.5gm.

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LCR-1: Ice, LCR-10: Jude, LCR-11: Turquoise, LCR-12: Cosmic Blue, LCR-13: Royal Purple, LCR-15: Persimmon, LCR-155: Cherry Red, LCR-17: Cosmic Violet, LCR-18: Golden Apricot, LCR-2: Iced Gold, LCR-21: Indian Copper, LCR-4: Silver, LCR-5: Bronze, LCR-6: Sun Yellow, LCR-7: Tangerine, LCR-8: Chartreuse, LCR-LCR-16: Azalea


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