Ben Nye Flat Brushes




Expertly blend Cremes, MagiCake Aqua Paint  and Lumiere Grande Colours  with these synthetic fiber brushes, which closely resemble the “snap” of sable hair.  Taklon offers easy clean-up and long life.

FB-2    No. 2    3/32″/3mm
FB-3    No. 3    5/32″/4mm
FB-5    No. 5    1/4″/ 6mm
FB-7    No. 7    5/16″/8mm
FB-10  No. 10  3/8″/10mm
FB-12  No. 12  7/16″/12mm

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FB-2: No.2 3/32", FB-3: No.3 5/32", FB-5: No.5 1/4", FB-7 No.7 5/16", FB-10: No.7 5/16", FB-12 No.12 7/16"


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