Ben Nye Color Cake Foundations





Ben Nye’s exclusive Color Cake Foundations are water-activated and provide a smooth finish that re-defines foundation.  Their quick and even application produces a low-sheen finish that resists heat and perspiration.

Available in fifty-six attractive shades, they are often preferred by performers with oily or sensitive skin, as body makeup or for large cast ensembles.  Activate with water with a sea or Hydra Sponge, apply in sections, then “buff” as it sets to a translucent, natural finish.  May be applied over powered Creme Foundations.   Expect 25-100 applications.  1oz/28gm.

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PC-02: Light Ivory, PC-021: Bisque, PC-022: Geisha, PC-024: Fresh Pink, PC-1: White, PC-11: Tan No.2, PC-111: Tan No.3, PC-114: Warm Tan, PC-13: Natural Fair, PC-135: Calcutta, PC-137: Tan Au Lait, PC-14: Mocha, PC-16: Chesnut, PC-17: Light Egyptian, PC-19: Dark Egyptian, PC-1W: Pale Rose, PC-2: Porcelain, PC-20: Olive Sable, PC-21: Golden Ebony, PC-23: Black, PC-30: Ecru, PC-305: Barely Beige, PC-31: Cine Fairest, PC-32: Cine Fair, PC-33: Cine Lt. Beige, PC-34: Cine Beige, PC-36: Cine Lt. Tan, PC-3W: Tawny Peach, PC-4: Navajo Sand, PC-40: Shinsei Ivory, PC-41 Shinsei Fair, PC-42 Japanese, PC-46: Rose Blush, PC-47: Ingenue, PC-48: Fair Lady, PC-5: Natural No.1, PC-51: Natural No.2, PC-5W: Rich Tan, PC-6: Buckskin, PC-62: Honey, PC-64: Warm Natural, PC-7: Rose Beige, PC-7W Deep Tan, PC-8: Blithe Spirit, PC-81 Cadaver Grey, PC-82: Blue Print, PC-83: Sallow Green, PC-84: Death Purple, PC-840: Death Flesh, PC-841: Death Straw, PC-842 Pale Vampire, PC-843: Frankenstein, PC-87: Fair Male, PC-89: Tan Male, PC-9: Tan No.1


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