ProColor Airbrush Paint Death Series: Ben Nye




The FX colors, available in 8 iconic shades,  lend vibrant realism to create cuts, bruises, burns and general mayhem.  All shades may be hand paited or airbrushed.  Expect 20-150 applications per 1 ounce.  29ml/1oz. and 59ml/2oz. sizes available.

(For airbrush applications, ProColor Mixing Liquid will extend payout, with artists testing ratios of 1:1 and 2:1 (Mixing Liquid to ProColor) producing excellent results).

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PCFX-11: Sallow Green, PCFX-18: Clean Dirt, PCFX-2: Bruise, PCFX-20: Clean Grease, PCFX-3: Burnt Coral, PCFX-32: Dried Blood, PCFX-33: Blood Red, PCFX-5: Dark Burgundy, PCFX-7: Midnight Violet, PCFX-9: Grey Purple, PCFX-90: Indigo Blue, PCFX-91: Vein, PCFX-93: Electric Blue, PCFX-97: Vintage Black Tattoo, PCFX-98: Vintage Green Tattoo


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