Ben Nye Stage Blood




Authentic, vivid coloring in a medium flowing viscosity. Stage Blood is corn syrup based, peppermint flavored and safe for use in the mouth. Washes from most fabrics and surfaces, however, a test should be made before use. Available in multiple sizes, including a 32fl.oz. jug. Expect 12-30 applications per ounce.

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SB-2: .5 FL OZ / 14 ML, SB-3: 1 FL. OZ / 29 ML, SB-4: 2 FL OZ / 59 ML, SB-45: 4 FL OZ / 118 ML, SB-5: 8 FL OZ / 236 ML, SB-6: 16 FL OZ / 473 ML Jug, SB-7: 32 FL OZ / 946 ML


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