Creme FX Stacks: Ben Nye




Ben Nye’s five-color F/X Stacks offer the most useful selection of effects-specific shades.  Replace or add shades as needed from the F/X Creme Colors collection.  3 different Stacks are available.  Expect 100-500 applications.  1.5oz/42gm.


Bruise Stack  (FXS-1):  FX-12 Chrome Yellow;  FX-11 Sallow Green;  FX-2 Bruise;  FX-5 Dark Burgundy;  FX-7 Midnite Violet.

Age Stack (FXS-2): FX-91 Vein; FX-9 Grey Purple; FX-13 Capillary Stipple;
FX-15 Liver Spot; FX-17 Freckle Stipple.

Burn Stack  (FXS-3):  FX-3 Burt Coral;  FX-31 Fire Red;  FX-1 Medium Plum;
FX-4 Charcoal Blue;  FX-8 Black.

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FXS-1: Bruises, FXS-2: Age, FXS-3: Burn


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