Olive-Brown Matte HD Palette: Ben Nye



Convenient palette that includes twelve vital shades from the Sahara, Maple and Mojave Matte HD Foundation series.  Set with Mojave Compact or Luxury Powders.  Expect 100-250 applications.  New Wt. 1.69oz/48gm.  Palette is refillable.

  • Almond (MH-02)
  • Soft Caramel (NO-7)
  • Golden Bronze (MA-1)
  • Au Lait (SA-1)
  • Golden Spice (MH-08)
  • Coco Sorbet (MH-10)
  • Mocha (SA-5)
  • Mojave Bronze (MH-12)
  • Brown Suede (MH-14)
  • Espresso (SA-11)
  • Semi-Sweet (MH-16)
  • Espresso Bean (MH-20)


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