Lipsticks: Ben Nye




Our creamy lipsticks come in a vast selection of over 40 shades that give artists limitless opportunities to combine and create custom shades. These velvety lipsticks offer a semi-matte finish to the lips.

Enhance the natural finish to the lips with any of our smooth nude tones or create the perfect bold red lip for any special occasion. The broad spectrum of available colors makes our Lipsticks an essential for any makeup artist working in film, television, beauty, cosplay, and stage.

LS – 3.4gm./0.12oz. Expect 75-200 applications.

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LS-67: Bare Mauve, LS-69: Flamenco Red, LS-70: Firey Red, LS-71: Rebel Red, LS-72: Blazing Red, LS68: Modesty, LS-10: Bordeaux, LS-11: Desert Rose, LS-12: Natural Brown, LS-13: Magenta, LS-14: True Red, LS-15: Siren Red, LS-16: Ruby Red, LS-17: Black, LS-19: Mocha Rose, LS-2: Hot Pink, LS-26: Primrose, LS-3: Coral, LS-30: Champagne Ice, LS-31 Hot Coral, LS-32: Rose Glaze, LS-33: Marilyn Red, LS-34: Russian Red, LS-35: Vampira, LS-36: Gold Ice, LS-37: First Blush, LS-37: Winter Ice, LS-38: Silver Ice, LS-4: Dusty Rose, LS-41: Cotton Candy, LS-48: Watermelon, LS-5: Garnet, LS-50: Poppy, LS-51: Cherryberry, LS-52: Pink Tart, LS-55: Nudie, LS-56: Blushable, LS-57: Doe-A-Deer, LS-58: Peachy Keen, LS-59: Gypsy Rose, LS-6: Plum Pink, LS-60: Wild Violet, LS-61: Twilight, LS-62: Wicked Plum, LS-63: Red Coat, LS-64: Candy {ink, LS-65: Just Nude, LS-7: Natural, LS-8: Cranberry, LS-9: Plum, LS-Boysenberry


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