Ben Nye Effects Gels




Realistic gels produce durable self-made wounds, burns and scars that can be enhanced with makeup if desired.  Warm the gel until it turns to a liquid then create your effect and allow to “set” as it cools.  Multiple sizes and effect colors.  Expect 5-50 applications per ounce.

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GE-1: Blood FL. OZ / 29 ML, GE-2 Blood 2 FL. OZ / 59 ML, GE-3: Flesh (clear) 1 FL. OZ / 29 ML, GE-4: Flesh {clear) 2 FL. OZ / 59 ML, GE-5: Scar (opaque) 1 FL. OZ / 39 ML, GE-6: Scar (opaque) 2 FL. OZ / 59 ML


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