Sparklers Glitter: Ben Nye




Glow with glitter on the face, body and hair.  Set Sparklers into creme makeup or lips.  Spray LiquiSet on skin and lightly dust on glitter for a delicate, sparkle finish. For more detailed applications, mix with Glitter Glue or LiquiSet.  Containers include sifter fitment. Sprinkle into Glitter Glue or lightly sprayed LiquiSet Sealer.

MD – Small:  .14oz./4gm.
LD –  Large:   .5oz./14gm.
Expect 10-50 applications per MD container.

Color Chart reflects “MD.”  For larger size, select “LD.”

Additional information


LD-1: Opal Ice, LD-10: Silver Prism, LD-11: Black Diamond, LD-12: Copper, LD-13: Galactic Violet, LD-2: Fire Red, LD-3: Gold, LD-4: Silver, LD-5: Royal Blue, LD-6: Fuchsia, LD-7: Emerald Green, LD-8: Brilliant Purple, LD-9: Neon Green, MD-1: Opal Ice, MD-10: Silver Prism, MD-11: Black Diamond, MD-12: Copper, MD-13: Galactic Violet, MD-2: Fire Red, MD-3: Gold, MD-4: Silver, MD-5: Royal Blue, MD-6: Fuchsia, MD-7: Emerald Green, MD-8: Brilliant Purple, MD-9: Neon Green


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