Proscenium Series: Ben Nye CREME Foundation




Classic colors ideal for characters where speciality shades are required.  Vivid pigmentation for durability and dramatic results.

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P-1: White, P-022: Geisha, P-023: Pure Ivory, P-024: Porcelain, P-2: Light Pink, P-4: Ultra Pair, P-41: Fairest, P-42: Ultra Beige, P-43: Alabaster, P-45: Olive Fair, P-5: Natural Fair, P-6: Natural Tan, P-8: Dark Coco, P-9: Black, P-11: Chinese, P-111: Lite Chinese, P-12 Japanese, P-121 Lite Japanese, P-125: Tan Au Lait, P-127: Caramel Tan, P-14: Sallow Green, P-15: Gadaver Grey, P-16: Blue Spirit, P-17: Death Purple, P-18: Death Straw, P-19: Death Flesh, P-20: Pale Vampire, P-21: Frankenstein, P-22: Death Blue Grey


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