Primary Creme Colors: Ben Nye




Unmatched for colorful virtuosity, Creme Colors offer rich pigmentation and versatile application in an improved texture.  Set with Neutral Set Powder to retain brilliance and resist perspiration.  Expect 35-125 applications.  .25oz/7gm.


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CL-29: Black, CL-28: Coal, CL-27: Beard Stipple, CL-26: Grey, CL-25: Steel Grey, CL-23: Blue-Grey, CL-22: Sky Blue, CL-21: Peacock Blue, CL-20: Turquoise, CL-191: Cosmic Blue, CL-19: Blue, CL-18: Purple, CL-17: Misty Violet, CL-16: Vivid Violet, CL-15: Maroon, CL-14: Blood Red, CL-131: Fresh Cut, CL-130: Fire Red, CL-12: Copper Brown, CL-11: Cinnamon, CL-8: Mauve, CL-70: Special Orange, CL-7: Orange, CL-61: Desert Tan, CL-6: Goldenrod, CL-5: Yellow, CL-10: Dark Sunburn, CL-9 Sunburn Stipple, CL-4: Bright Pink, CL-33: Gecko Green, CL-32: Lime Green, CL-31: Army Green, CL-3: Green, CL-211: Kelly Green, CL-2: Forest Green, CL-1: White, CL-41: Jazzberry, CL-161: Purple Delight, CL-201: Caribbean, CL-203: Tahitian


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