Lumiere Luxe Sparkle Powders: Ben Nye




Shimmering pigment, plus Ben Nye’s high intensity glitter, are a remarkable combination.  Mix with Ben Nye’s Sealersfor smudge-proof durability on the face, body and hair.  Iced Gold is a favorite for fairies, angels and ice queens.  Expect 10-100 applications.  .28/0z/8gm

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LXS-12: Cosmic Blue Sparkle, LXS-16: Azalea Sparkle, LXS-17: Cosmic Violet Sparkle, LXS-2: Iced Gold Sparkle, LXS-20: Starry Night Sparkle, LXS-4: Silver Sparkle, LXS-61: Sun Yellow Sparkle, LXS-9: Mermaid Sparkle


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