Liquid Hair Color: Ben Nye




Ben Nye, Sr. pioneered Silver Grey Hair color to subtly age hair to a natural silver-grey tone.  Ivory Hair Color is Ben Nye’s latest innovation to naturally age dark hair without appearing blue.  Apply Hair Colors to styled  hair with a toothbrush, and as necessary, set with hair spray.  Avoid use on chemically processed hair.  Protect costumes during application.  Multiple colors and sizes ranging from
1 fl.oz./29ml bottles to 16 fl.oz./473ml jugs.  Expect 3-10 Applications per ounce. *


SILVER GREY  (HG):  Realistic silvery-grey age tone with subtle metallic highlights.  Available in multiple sizes.

DARK GREY (DG):  Recently revised, this shade is now a true deep grey.  Available in multiple sizes.

TAUPE (TH):  Subtle neutral brown adds dramatic contrast to white hair.  One size.

AUBURN (BH):  Rich, warm red-brown tone.  One size.

DARK BROWN (BH):  Rich, natural shade for blending or an all-over color.  May be used to fill in bald spots.  One size.

IVORY (HI):  Hint of yellow provides natural aging on dark brown or black hair.  Multiple sizes available.

SNOW WHITE (HW):  Streak into Silver Grey or Dark Grey to brighten highlights.  Excellent for Santa’s beard and brows.  Multiple sizes available.

MIDNIGHT BLACK (MB):  Completely blackens hair for dramatic effects.  Black hair color may smudge.  Avoid contact with costumes.  Multiple sizes available.

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AH-2: Auburn (2 fl.oz.), BH-2: Dark Brown (2 fl.oz.), DG-2: Dark Grey (2 fl.oz.), DG-3: Dark Grey (8 fl.oz.), HG-1: Silver Grey (1 fl.oz.), HG-2: Silver Grey (2 fl.oz.), HG-3: Silver Grey (8 fl.oz.), HG-4: Silver Grey (16 fl.oz.), HI-1: Ivory (1 fl.oz.), HI-2: Ivory (2 fl.oz.), HI-3: Ivory (8 fl.oz.), HI-4: Ivory (16 fl.oz.), HW-1: Snow White (1 fl.oz.), HW-2: Snow White (2 fl.oz.), HW-3: Snow White (8 fl.oz.), HW-4: Snow White (16 fl.oz.), MB-1: Midnite Black (1 fl.oz.), MB-2: Midnite Black (2 fl.oz.), MB-3: Midnite Black (8 fl.oz.), TH-2: Taupe (2 fl.oz.)


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