Crepe Wool Hair: Ben Nye




Create facial hair and more with this wool fiber, a standard in the industry.  One-yard length is enough to lay several moderate beards.  Attach with Spirit Gum.  Excellent for beards, mustaches, sideburns and hair on the face or latex appliances and bald caps.   Multiple colors.  1 yard/36″

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WH-1: White, WH-10: Medium Brown, WH-11: Brunette, WH-12: Dark Brown, WH-15: Ginger, WH-19: Lite Grey, WH-2: Lite Blond, WH-20: Medium Grey, WH-21: Dark Grey, WH-22: Black, WH-3: Ash Blond, WH-4: Strawberry Blond, WH-6: Lite Auburn, WH-7: Dark Auburn, WH-9 Lite Brown


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