Neutral Pearl Sheen Palette: Ben Nye



Refillable, 14-color Peal Sheen Palettes are irresistible.  Fourteen new shades combine vivid color, lush application and sparkle.  Ben Nye’s classic Pearl Sheens are now more luminous with added luster and shimmer.

Neutral Peal Sheen Palette (PSP-01):  Moonlight (PSR-301); Gold (PSR-15 Gold);  White Gold (PSR-16); Umber Glow (PSR-312): Charcoal ( PSR-21);  Electric Eel (PSR-380);  Sandstorm (PSR-303); Sun Goddess (PSR-310); Copper (PSR-14); Galaxy Dust (PSR-385); Bronze (PSR-18); Rose (PSR-9); Silver Grey (PSR-19); Night Club (PSR-395).


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