Ben Nye Liquiset Mixing Liquid




LiquiSet water-based makeup sealer helps enhance the durability and vibrancy of any of our water-based or water-activated colors. The versatile LiquiSet formula is also the perfect medium for creating custom water-activated body paints and custom makeup colors.

The wide range of kit-friendly sizes provide options for any makeup artist or performer’s makeup kit. LiquiSet is a wonderful solution for any body painter, cosplay, theatrical, or editorial makeup artist that requires maximum flexibility and durability when using water-activated colors.

Expect 10-40 applications per ounce.

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LQ-0: 1 fl. oz. Spritzer, LQ-1: 1 fl. oz., LQ-2: 2 fl. oz., LQ-21: 2 fl. oz. Spritzer, LQ-4: 4 fl. oz., LQ-16: 16 fl. oz. Jug


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