MagiCake FX Aqua Color: Ben Nye




Ben Nye’s MagiCake Aqua Paints produce exquisite color and ideal for face and body painting.  Mix with water or LiquiSet for added durability.  For detail apply with a flat brush, or Hydra Sponge for all over color.  To extened wear and retard persiration, spary with Final Seal.  Paints are smudge-resistant when dry and are easily removed with Hydra Cleanse or soap and water.  Select shades are available in Professional size containers (LA).

Personal size MagiCake Aqua Paints provide plenty of color for you to expect 25-50 applications per container. Small: .25oz / 76gm. Large: .77oz / 22gm.

Create your own Palette with a 6 or 12 color Refillable Metal Palette Box (BXE).

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CFX-11: Sallow Green, CFX-112: Bile, CFX-22: Character Shadow, CFX-24: Misty Violet, CFX-3: Burnt Coral, CFX-33: Blood Red, CFX-34: Fresh Cut, CFX-35: Dark Crimson, CFX-36: Deep Bruise, CFX-5: Dark Burgundy, CFX-51: Maroon, CFX-6: Purple, CFX-72: Black & Blue, CFX-91:Vein


Small (CFX), Large (LAX}


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