Diamond FX Neon 6-Color Palette: 10Gram


This palette contains the following colors:

Neon Pink (10gr), Neon Orange (10gr), Neon Yellow (10gr), Neon Green (10gr), Neon Purple (10gr), Neon Blue (10gr)

*1 detail brush & 1 flat brush also included.


Diamond FX Face Paint is a wax-based, water-activated face paint with a highly pigmented formulation. Perfect for use by professionals to create colorful designs. Diamond FX Essential’s dense and concentrated formulation helps retain brightness and consistency even when painted over other colors.

Diamond FX Neon Face Paint offers excellent solid coverage all day without fading or cracking. Perfect for line work, layering or blending. Hypo-allergenic and non-toxic. Diamond FX Neon Face Paint is free of any perfume and is gentle on your skin. Works well with minimal amount of water.